Tuesday, April 22, 2008

First Fruits

First fruits....I was so excited when I went to my garden and saw these green beans! I have been keeping an eye on things and so, , it seemed to me, like overnight they got big enough to harvest. As I was picking them, talking to the Lord about first fruits and thanking him for them, I became less and less impressed with the quanity of my beans. Man, is this all there is ready? And almost as fast as I had those thoughts, I thought how God must feel when I get so excited about something I feel led to do for Him, and then almost as fast, I taper off, and soon, I am not doing anything at all. Its like I've run out of "beans to pick." I know there will be "more beans to pick" and God knows, I too, will continue to grow in Him and His grace. I just hope he will be happy with the fruits of my labor. I hope that I get to fix these for dinner tonight! Yummy. Have a busy day ahead......Hope you have a blessed day and something that was said in the "laminin" video under my posts just keeps going over in my head, that God is a Universe Maker.....isnt that an awesome thought?

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