Friday, July 11, 2008

I Don't Like Spiders (except Charlotte ) and Snakes.... A lesson from Matthew 10:16

Do y'all remember that song? I sure do. My mind works that way, I see a picture and then I hear a song. For several days I had been seeing this beauty out on my breezeway at night! The first time was about midnight and I couldn't sleep, so I was getting something out of my car. Well, you can imagine my surprise when I opened the door and there he was slithering on our breezeway! Yuck! And to make matters worse, he was close to the door I needed to get through to get to my car. I could just see that thing falling on my when I walked through the door. So after seeing him several times, btw, he was not poisonous, Tom decided we needed to re-locate him! He is a real live "Crocodile Dundee". So, before we can do that, I want to get a few more pics of him. Big mistake. We knew he was coming around because we have several baby birds nesting on our porch overhang. That's what he had on his dinner menu, I'm sure. We had about 75 purple martins that left their house prematurely because of something, and I think he was the something! So I wanted to get those pictures of him and while I was at it, the 4 babies in the nest around the corner where he was headed. Well, the flash scared the babies ( I took about 4 pictures before it did ) so 2 flew out, and we had heck getting those babies to stay in the nest again. We had to turn out all the lights, all the while this sneaky snake was still up on the wall. Got one back in and never could get the other one.....they were just beginning to fly, so hopefully it just landed in a tree until morning. But then, the snake falls off the wall.........slithers out in the grass and Tom steps on its head so he can catch it! Do y'all have this much excitement around your house? Well I go to get something to put it in and when I come back, well I couldn't help but want to get 1 or 2 more pictures of it. So Tom moves his foot and lets me snap a few more photos and then.........well he ( the snake ) snaps his camera ( his mouth ) and gets Tom on the finger! I asked Tom if he was sure it was not poisonous and he said he would not be messing around with it if it was........Well at least he has some sense right? So, we get him in the crate and Tom hauls him to his new undisclosed location......well it was only about 2 miles away where he is free to roam around out in the wild. Hope he can't find his way back home. Tom by the way is fine. I will wait till another post to tell you about "Charlotte" our spider. Who needs to go to a zoo? My life is a zoo! LOL

OK, now I want to tell you what we are learning on Sundays at church. This all ties in...I promise. We are in the gospel of Matthew 10:16. "Behold, I send you out as sheep among wolves; therefore be shrewd as serpents; and innocent as doves. In this world we as Christians are called to take the message of the gospel out into our world. This is where ever God has placed you. It may be neighbors, friends, family or the person who checks you out at the grocery store. Wherever that is, be wise (shrewd) and creative ( like this snake was in getting what he wanted ) but gentle ( like those little baby birds ). If you ask the Lord to help you be a witness (disciple) for Him he will show you! Look how he spoke to me! Blessings and Grace for today!

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Sue said...

Teri, one of the things I admire most about you is how you always relate you daily experiences for the Glory of God. I am so pleased to see how God is using you through your computer.I am blessed by you and look forward to each new blog.You are a friend that walks the talk and I continue to learn from your Christ-Like witness. Sue

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