Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My little piece of heaven....and "Hello Dolly"

I just wanted to share a little about where I have been the past few days. This is up by our house in in the hill country near Garner Park. I love the beauty of the hills and the cool spring water. There are all kinds of wildlife, axis deer, whitetail, hummingbirds, exotic animals,bats at night and...oh yeah, and people too! It has become a very popular place to vacation. People love to float the river on tubes and just hang out in the water. My brother-in-law developed a sub division out there called "the Ranch" and we love to swim there. That is where the pics of the river are taken. I just wanted to let you see another piece of my life. I actually bought this place when I closed my store ( I owned a retail boutique ) for 15 years. The house is special to me because I furnished it with things from my store. So, now on to Dolly. Hurricane Dolly hit land about 85 miles south of us. We are fine, lots of rain and wind, but overall not too eventful here. We have good friends who live in Rio Hondo and that is where the eye went over. They are fine but said no electricity, and i think at least 20 inches of rain so far! Thank the Lord,,we didnt get anything like that here because it would have ruined Tom's cotton crop. Anyway...look later on for your next goodie.

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Anonymous said...

Teri im lovin the frio wow what an awesome place to own. its gorgeous!

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