Monday, August 18, 2008

Angels Unaware?

OK so we are gonna keep on keepin' on here with our look at this Virtuous Woman in Proverbs 31. Verse 20 "She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy". Well ladies, this is right up my alley, so I am gonna use this opportunity to share a little testimony of God's Amazing Grace! Grab a glass of tea and pull up a chair! This is truly amazing! I will try to make this short and sweet! But I doubt it will happen. LOL OK, My husband and I have always felt God's calling on us to open our home to others. We have tried to be obedient in this area. When we had been married about 5 years we had young boys at home and we became foster parents. That is a whole nother story, but it shows where we came from. We did that for about 4 years and when we quit, we knew God still wanted us to continue in this ministry. So, He continued to find others who were sent our way who needed a place to stay, whether for a week, a night or months...So we had a young girl who was 17 at the time with a baby already in need of help and we agreed. This young mother, well, she had no parenting skills what so ever, so I tried my best to help in that area. She lived with us about 3 months and then went to a group home i believe, and I took care of her baby for a little while longer. So, later she got her baby back and we continued to check up on her. She became pregnant a year later and did not want to keep the baby, she had no means of caring for herself, much less another baby. Well we did not want anything to happen to that precious life, so we told a friend that we would take the baby. This friend told this young mother that we would take the baby and SHE SAID OK!!! Now, can you imagine? So, from the time she was about 5 months pregnant, I was involved in the pregnancy and we now have a beautiful 19 year old daughter who loves the Lord and has brought us unmeasurable happiness! I say this not so that you will look at us and say WOW, but so that you will look at my amazing GOD and say WOW! He is the only one who could have ever made our paths cross, and open the door for a wonder gift, the gift of life. I have to share this picture of Maggi and myself, because the other thing is..... we look exactly alike! Well other than the fact that I am 50 years old and 50 pounds heavier! Ha Ha.... Our baby pictures are so similar though, when she was a baby, people would come up to me and say, "Well I can sure tell who
her mother is! Can you? LOL
So what am I trying to say here, that you should do this too? NO, I am saying that we all know people who need a little help now and then and all we have to do is be available to be used by the Lord. You know, He wants to use you right? We are HIS hands, right? We are how others will see him in the flesh here on earth. So, now that we have "clean hands" lets use them for God's glory! I hope this has blessed you today, I know I never tire of sharing how He blessed us when we had no idea when we opened our home to that young girl, that one day, she would be the instrument that God would use to give us a precious little girl! Wonder how He wants to bless you?

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Snowsmoon said...

Teri, this is an amazing story. I see the awesome award that God has gave you and your husband. She is beautiful and yes,she looks just like you. My daughter was in the similar situation at one point in her life and I have a little angel with a happy couple that couldn't have children and I pray that he is well taken care of and that one day our paths will cross. He is four years old and last we heard is doing very well and growing like a weed.

As for my daughter, now more adjusted in her life and has 3 little boys (one she had before and 2 since). God has an amazing power I only wish my daughter would let Him guide her a little more closely.

Have a wonderful day and may GOD bless you and your family. And Happy scrapping.

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