Friday, August 1, 2008

Drum Roll Please.... And the winner is......

Ok, the Starbucks Template Challenge is over and I so appreciate all who entered. This was a first for me and I can not believe that over 600 downloads on my first template ever! It was so exciting to see what people came up with to make their templates personalized just for them. Isn't that the best thing about digiscrapping! I love my new found hobby. Ok, enough about me. Ha Ha So, in trying to pick a winner, which by the way was not easy, I really thought about what this challenge meant to me. And for me, it was all about stepping out of my comfort zone. Since I was new, and this was my first template and my first involvement in a challenge, thats how I kinda looked at this to choose the winner and runner up! So without further ado, the winner is..."Cutting Footloose" by InHisGrip. Congratulations! You and your scrappin friends were having way too much fun that night! I love how you took a chance and just like you said, "cut loose" and entered the contest. It is and should be all about fun and just being ourselves. And for the runner-up, "Never Too Young" by Flower Power. What cute pictures you came up with and to have had them ready to go for you to use, good job! I wanted to thank all the others who entered this challenge, but I want to make sure everyone knows that all of the entries are really beautiful and it was not an easy task to choose. All unique in their own way. You will find the previews of the first and second place entries below, but all the layouts are in the gallery at so go on over and check them all out, you can even leave a comment if you would like. But to Snowsmoon's Designs- Your Bugs Alive Kit is so cute! I wish I would have gotten over there to pick up the freebie kit! I love the colors. The Emma layout is so cute. What a beautiful little girl. Thanks for entering. Angelbee, I absolutly love the stitched coffee mugs! What a great embellishment for a coffee tumbler! Jackie, your "Founders Day Fireworks" was wonderful. I tried to take some fireworks pictures myself, and so I really appreciate your photography. Great job! Rasberry Road, what a beautiful place to be able to have your morning coffee and enjoy God's beauty. A great way to start any day. I hope I got everyone listed and if I left anyone, it was unintentional. Now to all you gals who didnt enter and now wished you had....well check back real soon, maybe tommorow (hint hint) and you just might be in luck for an August Challenge! Here are the winners:

This is the winning layout "Cutting Loose" by InHisGrip
Here is the runner-up "Never Too Young" by FlowerPower

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Anonymous said...


This is so exciting. I'm flippin' out. never knew those pics would come in so handy. heehee.

perfect timing for the gc, too. all the layouts were so beautiful that i was honestly shocked. thank you!!

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