Saturday, September 13, 2008

What Did You Say?

Well I guess with all the hurricane readiness, I neglected posting more of this Proverbs 31 lady. I love verse 26 "She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue." You know the older I get, the more I have to bit my tongue. Not so much because what I am going to say is so bad, its that I really want to guard my words with wisdom. Now, I am not always successful. But, I guess it is a natural result of wanting to grow in Christ. For this lady, it was just natural it seems. She just spoke with wisdom. How can I get to that place? Practice! Practice you say? How does that work? Well the more we practice, walking with the Lord, listening to Him and his guidance, seeking to speak with wisdom, the better we will get at it. And to give faithful instruction. Now there is a challenge. Too often, I want to give 'Teri's advice" (which is not always Godly, to say the least) I mean I may give worldly advice to my kids, without really thinking about what Christ would have me say to them. You see I think, as a mother, I know what's best, AND WANT WHATS BEST, for them, too often, without regard for Christ. And I may speak as a mother (nothing wrong with being a mom! You know what I am saying here, right?) and not a faithful servant of Christ. I bet if you think about what you say, you may find that you too, are like me. Wanting to say the right thing, but often failing. Well I have great news! We are pleasing to the Lord when we seek Him and desire to grow in Him. So, keep strolling down that narrow path, and as you do, you too, will find yourself more and more like this Proverbs 31 gal! Enjoy the weekend! His, Teri

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Jody said...

Unfortunately we all fall into doing it our way, or saying it our way a times. The good news is that we are forgiven.

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