Saturday, November 29, 2008

I got another AWARD!



   I got another award, and I have to admit, I have not posted any of the other ones before.  But i decided that I would share this with my blog friends.  I am very humbled by any recognition that I have received because I am just truly creating and designing from my heart, so, its a litte overwhelming that others think enough of my work to give me this awards.  I want to tell each of you thank you.  I have met so many nice people in the digiscrapping world, that it would be hard to pick out just a few... So I am just going to thank you all, for all your encouragement and faith in me.  I would be remiss however if I did not thank Shannon, from Scrappy Shannons, for she has been an incredible encourager to me, has literally called me and walked me though step by step teaching me tips and techniques.  And I cant forget Vicky, my "digi-sister" who is forever getting me to try new things and spread my creative wings.  Babette from LBCreations-designs by Babette who has fantastic CU things and is just a cutie-pie!  I smile every time i see her sweet face on my im.  And then there are you ladies, those who have left comments, and such nice things on my emails.  YOU are truly a blessing to me.  So, I shall pass this on to each of you, with a smile on my face and joy in my heart for your kindness towards me and others.  Maybe we can change the world and make it a better place!

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