Sunday, October 25, 2009

Save Your Ta Ta’s

Heather, one of my CT gals told me she saw a bumper sticker that said “Save Your Ta Ta’s”  How funny is that?  So of course it reminded me that I AM A SURVIVOR!  I want to encourage all my blog readers to do this……….

Squeeze Your Boobies!a

Seriously, I found my cancer with my yearly mammogram so what ever it takes to keep us alive.. lets do it!  Early detection is the key!  Which reminds me of another story…

When we were in Canada, we were going to Old Town Quebec and saw all these pink headed people walking with police escorts.. literally 1000’s of people… so I snapped a few photos, and finally rolled my window down and asked if anyone spoke English and a lady said she did.  I asked if they were marching for breast cancer awareness and she said yes… I hollered.. “ I am a 15 year survivor!” out the window… they all gave me a good Canadian Whoot!  and next thing I knew that lady was tapping on my window with a Canadian Breast Cancer T-Shirt!  Wasn't that nice?  She is the one in the foreground in this first photo. 


There she is with the pink cap!


So squeeze those boobies!  : )T

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Anonymous said...

I walked in the Race for the Cure last weekend. It was a totally uplifting experience. You are so right Teri, whatever it takes!! Blessings - your positive attitude inspires me! Kristen

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