Monday, September 8, 2008

I Just Saved You A Bunch Of Money.....

I wanted  to try to make a name frame for my grandson's birthday.  So, I found a frame (I got mine at Walmart for $3.00) and found the paper at Office Depot.  It as about $40.00 for 20 sheets.  I prefer a matte finish but all they had was glossy.  You need paper that is at least 14" long because the finished size of the photo  will be 12 1/2 x 5.  The pack I found was 11x17 so I can get two name frames out of each sheet of paper.  I just used my home paper cutter and cut 4.75" off the paper first.  Then cut my width to the 4.75.  Be sure to measure your paper to make it match your frame if it is not the same size as this.  So with the frame for $3 and the paper comes to $1 you will have a TOTAL of $4 in this darling, unique gift!  I hope yall are as excited as I am!  I did not put my signature "little message" underneath the name because I thought it would limit you on what you can do with this!  But, feel free to add something if you want to, like at date or what ever.  I personally like it plain and simple.   So below is my finished, framed "Photo Name" ready for me to wrap up for his birthday.  I did try printing it with a black background also, and I personally did not like it at all.  The white background shows off the photos much better.  When you are choosing your photo's, you will have to play around with resizing them to get them to fit into the letter shape.  Try to enlarge some to show close ups of faces and eyes, or zoom out a little to make their bodies fit in a letter.  You will have to crop off some of the pictures once you get them in the letters where you want them, so they don't overlap the letter next to it.  Just experiment with different photos.  Black and White photos would look so good too!  In my daughters we mixed in 2 B&W photos.   I have had several comments about personalized names, I can not see me doing them unless I was paid something for my time.  And I don't know how that would work out.  I have not considered getting paid for anything but, it would be time consuming and I just don't think I could do it unless I was paid something.  If you have some thoughts on this, let me know.   But for right now, I would have to say, I am not doing name requests at this time. I'm sorry :(       ****edited****    see above post


So here is the first one i have for you.  I will be making many more for sure.  Please leave me some love if you like what I do.  After all, if I can spend the time to create these, put them on my blog, FOR FREE, surely a little pat on the back isn't too much to ask.  It goes a long way in motivating me to make more :)



belle said...

What a great idea. Your Nathan project looks fantastic; surely he will love it! Thanks so much for the family frame and for the tips on putting it all together.

Libbi said...

Love it!! Thank you so much - I will use this for sure. Can you make the name Alyssa? Would love that for my new granddaughter!

Michele said...

GREAT IDEA! thanks for sharing..i paid $30 for a framed thing like this with cutouts that said "Disney" $4 and the pictures will already be in it is GREAT!

Cami said...

These name frames are great! Thank you so much for sharing your time and talent.

Sara said...

Thanks so much for sharing the super cute idea. If you decide to take some requests for names, I would love to see Caden and Allyson.
Thanks also for sharing the spiritual comments. It is great to read the uplifting thoughts! I love the Proverbs 31 woman. What a lofty goal - but a great one to strive for!

Melissa said...

This is a wonderful gift idea! Thank you for the "family" letters and for telling us how to make the frame.

Katie said...

Love these!!!



I (heart) Cats! or I (heart) My Cat!

I (Heart) Dogs! or I (heart) My Dog!




(heart) Love (heart)

True Love








You did an awesome job on Nathan's! I absolutely love it!


Alana said...

This is awesome! I have a Nathan and this template would be perfect!

Love great deals, like the frame you found and bought.

Thanks for sharing your ideas and creativity!!!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 09 Sep [LA 12:00am, NY 02:00am, UK 07:00am, OZ 05:00pm] ).

Anonymous said...



What kind of printer do you have?

Anonymous said...

Love the idea. Thanks for the family template. This would be a great Christmas gift.

LadyCat1947 said...

I love these word frames, thank you so much for making them and esp for sharing them:-)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE it!!! Thanks so much for sharing your talent.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this template. I have always looked at the frames in the stores and thought how could I do that. Thanks again

Anonymous said...

You go girl! I can't wait to play with this. Oh, yeah...and to see more.

Lizzerd said...

I love these frames! Personally, I think you should write a tutorial so that people can make their own (they are *so* easy to make!!!)
luv ya,

Tina said...

Love it--snagged the family one!! We have names that dgs calls us that are not easily found on pre-made things--Is it possible for you to share how you make these templates? Thanks!

Mags said...

Aren't those frames the best?! Friends and I have been hand-stamping and scrapping name frames as gifts for family and friends for the last year! They make great wedding gifts too!
:) Mags &

Anonymous said...

Love this Teri! Thanks so much. Can't wait to play around with this and give as Christmas gifts. You made the Priorties Overlay at my request and it turned out beautifully!
Blessings! Kristen

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