Monday, September 8, 2008

OK, OK, I WILL DO IT !!!!!


I have had several name request for the new frames that I am making. If you want a specific name, you can email me the name or names you want, and for $1.50 per name I will make you a personalized name frame template. This is for the template only, no frame. I would suggest you try one of my freebies, make sure you like my work before you ask me to make your special name. The money would be non-refundable, so I just want everyone happy! I have not been interested in selling my things, but I would be willing to make you a special name for these darling "name frame" layouts. I will also let you know if it is not a name that will work with what I am doing. I don't think long names will look good, because the letters will be too small to put a picture in. 7 or 8 letters would be the max, to me. I prefer 5 to 7 letters to look the best. However, a short name could be preceded by a heart or something like that or at the end, or both ends to make more places for pictures. If you wanted to use a short name only, you could always scrap around it to add interest, but that is up to you. I will do 3 letter names if that is what you want, just understand that there will be a lot of blank space around your name. These would also be great to put the last name of a family on if that is what you want!


If you want this darling frame to put on your layouts to use on your computer, my friend Shannon over at Scrappy Shannons made this especially for me to go along with my name frames. All you gotta do is go over to her blog to snag it! Be sure to tell her thanks for taking her time to make this for me! It looks great if you are gonna show off your layout on your computer! A big thanks Shannon, for all the help, the countless questions you have answered for me and the encouragement you have given me. Hugs...

This is a no pressure deal for me, I will make them if you want, but if there are no takers on the names, that is ok too! If I make a name for you, and later that name happens to be offered for free, it is unintentional. An example, like HUNTER, or FAITH. I will not say I may never make those names for my blog readers, but if I make them at your request, then I will expect to get paid. Sounds fair, right? I for sure don't want you mad at me for making a name available that you once paid for. You are paying for the convenience of having the name you want, when you want it. If you are interested in several names, it is to your advantage to give me those names at one time to ensure that you will get them all at the same time. The names all have a beveled look to them so they really look nice when printed. From a distance, they look like they are really cut out of a mat. I will try it like this with the understanding that if it doesn't work out, then I will have to withdraw my offer to make personalized name frames. They will be in .png format only and are for personal use only.


Jody said...

I am interested in ordering one. I would like to know if this will be in a layered psd format? I would prefer each letter to be on a separate layer to make it easier to add photos. Also, if I wanted to change the font would I be able to?

Thanks for sharing with us this very creative idea.

Jody said...

I just thought of another idea. Perhaps you could make each letter of the alphabet and sell the alpha. That way everyone could piece them together to make whatever names they want.

Just a thought :)

Diana said...

How do we go about paying you and letting you know what names we want? I love this idea and don't mind paying for your work, as I know it does take time. Think this is awesome of you to offer. I would also be interested in and alphabet also. Thanks so much!

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