Friday, October 10, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys

Here are 2 great QP's from Jaydensmama kit "Boys Will Be Boys"  It is a great kit and I loved creating these layouts and am thankful that she lets me share them with you.  Be sure to tell her thanks for her generosity and go check out her other great things at The Scraphead Store at  


This is her preview for the complete kit and as you can see it has some great papers and elements to use On the QP1, I blended two papers together to create a unique look and it gave me the desired color blend I was looking for.  Be sure to experiment with blending to make your layouts a little more interesting!  I also, extracted the blue star stickers from one of her papers so it gave me another element to work with!  Hope you can find the perfect pictures to go in this great QP. Oh, and by the way, I wanted to show you that just because A kit is geared toward a specific theme, in this case boys, don't let that limit your creativity to just that theme!   My precious little granddaughter looks great in this layout!



When I saw her WordArt that she included in this kit about attitude, I knew I had the perfect picture to put in this QP.  I used a paper she had and extracted the middle of the puzzle pieces to create a puzzle border for my photo!  See how easy it is to personalize your kits?  And as far as this QP goes, we all know someone or something that has a little attitude right?  Enjoy and have a great weekend!  Teri



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Michele said...

These are really cute! Thank you for sharing them!

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