Friday, October 10, 2008

Lets Make Some Memories Last

Here is an Add-On for my Alpha Tiles! The Numbers 0 thru 9. They are the same size and same format as the alpha tiles, I just made my " '08 " slightly smaller, to give it the look I wanted. These are for available for purchase for $3.00. This really opens the door for so many possibilities to personalize gifts for friends and family! How cute to make one for kids with their name and age, or what about a sports number? I did a special order for a lady who wanted a picture, 11x14 for her parents 50th anniversary. I just put the red background so you can see the overall look of what you too, can create with the combination of the Alpha Tiles and now the Number Tiles. The Alpha Tiles are $15.00 for the complete set with spacers and a bonus star and heart that you can use on either side of a name if desired. Let your imagination run wild! Now go, and make some memories last. If you are interested if purchasing the Alpha or the Number Tiles, just email me and I will send you a paypal invoice, then when I receive the payment, I will send you the zipped file for the tiles. Have fun, Teri



***available at Pretty Scrappy***click image to go to store***

This is the one I did for the 50th anniversary. Just showing you what can be done! Now she added her personal photos, and then framed it in a 11x14 frame to give to her parents! Isn't that a cute idea? So see, the ideas are endless as to what you can make with these!


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