Saturday, October 4, 2008

Did You Guys Know, God is Good?

I just wanted to make a quick post and remind each of you of God's goodness!  While Tom and I are up here in what we call God's Country ( Maine during the peak of the leaves turning ) it is just a constant reminder of how great God is!  The colors are magnificent, the beautiful hillsides and mountains and rivers and streams.  Well its breathtaking!  We actually went to a relatives sisters funeral today and even there was reminded of God's goodness.  I never met Alice, but I would have liked her!  She lived a full life, was 91 when she passed away and her family adored her!  You know, that is what I want so much, for  my family to adore me and to truly have great memories of me when I am gone!  Again, what a woman, and what a legacy!  I am anxious to finish up on our look at the virtuous woman too!  I have a feeling that Alice, was one of these virtuous women we have been studying.  She had 6 children and all had fond memories of her faith, discipline mixed with love and admiration.  Well I got to hit the sack!  Have a great Lords day tomorrow.  Baskets of Blessings to you all, Teri

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Jody said...

I am sure your family adore you and will have wonderful memories of you too. It is great that you are able to scrap so many of the memories as well.

God is indeed good and He has blessed us all!

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