Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How About A Little Praise? A closer look at Proverbs 31:28

Now who doesn't like to get a little Praise every now and then? I know I do! So, lets look a little closer at Proverbs 31:28 "Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her". I had to chuckle when I looked at this verse for several reasons! Let me "splain" myself here. First of all....seriously, her children "ARISE" ...well that's was new concept when my kids were still at home...they slept half the day! And when they did finally arise at the crack of noon...they didn't arise and call me blessed! They mostly wanted to get me to do something for them, to help them get going and off to what ever they had planned for the rest of there day. But that is just a side note! Now about this concept. You know, all my children are either married or out on their own now, but for me, this is a scripture that I desire so much in my life! I think even more so than when they were all home and under foot. And this month, reflecting on the loss of my mother at a young age, I was 20 and a brand new mother of 2 very small boys and she was 47 at the time of her death. I really miss having her in my life. But, I see now, how blessed I was, and I regret not being able to share deeper spiritual things with her. So, my desire is that I can live my life in such a way, that my children will think of me often, even as they arise, and look at me and my life and feel blessed. I am sad to say, that I don't think this is a reality in my life now, but I hold on to the promise's of His Word. As I grow spiritually, I see so many mistakes that I have made, and want to make sure I learn from those and move on to leaving a positive, Christian influence on my children. Isn't that the ultimate goal of a Godly mother? Now, it doesn't stop there. Her husband also praises her! Now I am blessed to have a super fantastic husband who is full of praise for me! My need is to live up to that praise! For those of us who are blessed in this way, lets remember to be forever thankful for that blessing that is so easily and often taken for granted. And if you are not blessed with a Man who worships you (and as a friend of ours once said, about how a husband should treat his wife) and treats you like fragile china..( isn't that a great thought? ) well we still have the promises of God to hold on to. That by our very lives and the way we live it before him, that we can win him over to the Lord. So, lets be about letting our light so shine before men ( in this case our family ) that they will glorify our Father who is in Heaven. For sure, today's post is something to ponder! So ponder away! Blessings and Grace to meet you at your greatest need today and everyday, Teri.

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