Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday to YOU Matt!!! Here is the "Shout Out" I promised"


Our middle son, had his 29 birthday on Sunday October the 12th.  How I can have kids that age is truly a miracle I have yet to comprehend?  How they are aging and I am not! *** LOL***  We had all made plans to meet in Austin for a little get-together that ended up not happening.  Well, we missed each other and played phone tag on his birthday, so I felt kinda bummed.  Maybe that's another reason I am not nominated for Mother of the year!  I should have, Matt, made more of an effort to get in touch with you!  BUT to my surprise,  He (Matt) said...well I checked your blog ( OH gosh, he is reading my blog!) and thought he would see a "shout out" to him for his B-Day.  Better late than never right?  My birthday wish for you is that you will "Grow in Wisdom and Grace", Matt, and that apart from Christ, that you will not ever be fully satisfied!   This is not the first time you have heard that right?   I remember the first time when you were in college and we told you that we were praying for you and Michael, that you would not be happy outside the will of God, and oh, how that did not go over well with you or Michael.  I still smile when I think of yalls conversation about that...calling each other and saying that you could not believe we were praying that!  Well, when you want the best for your kids what else can we want for you!  Oh, and that new truck you so badly need, I hope you will find the perfect one, at the perfect price and at Gods perfect time too!  We love you, Matt and have enjoyed watching you (finally) grow up (some) HA HA.  Well after all, I don't want to get a brand new, unrecognizable son.  You are the one, who has brought much laughter, fun and happiness to all of us and I love you and the young man you have become.  I think your beautiful new wife, Robyn, may have some part in that too!  Look forward to getting together soon!   


Jody said...

Happy Birthday to Matt. Yes, they grow older but we just coast. My youngest will be 40 in the Spring and my oldest 49! YIKES What does that make me! LOL

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday MATT! If your a part of Teri, you must be amazing. Congratulations from Denmark!

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