Saturday, December 20, 2008

Give Us Clean Hands....Give us Clean Hearts...(and a clean Kitchen)


I love that song....about asking God to give us clean hands and a pure heart....this week as my daughter and I began "Operation Clean-Up" (as my family has come to call it) we started in the kitchen.  Now, we have lived in the same house for 31 years, and the house is a family home... it was my DH grandmother's house.  I love this home, but it has become too big for just my husband and myself...but anyway... because when Grandma Mayo built this house she loved closets and wanted lots of storage space.  You are saying, "Man, I wish I had more cabinet space!"  And I am saying there has to be a happy medium.  I even took pics to show my family, because they have never seen my countertops cleared and the panty so organized!  Take a look at what I have been doing and you will see why I have not been able to post any freebies.  Check these out and then read on.....


Here is my pantry!


Ok so that's enough of  what I've been up to.  In cleaning out and throwing away all the clutter, unwanted items I thought about my spiritual life.  How in need of a cleaning it is also.  As I commit to making sure that I do my best to keep things clean and put in its proper place, in my spiritual life, I need to do the same.  As the Lord shows me things I need to get rid of, replace, throw way, maybe even clean up so that it is in a proper condition to be used...I want to commit to keeping my Spiritual Pantry clean and ready for use by the Lord....Lets not get so busy we forget about the Lord and His desires and plans for our life.  I will do my best to give you guys a surprise later tonight.  Until then....Blessings and Grace to you and yours....Teri

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SunBum said...

This is FABULOUS!! Congratulations on the end result of your hard work!! What a super house! My hubby would go a step further and frame these photos if my counters were ever cleaned off like that! Hehee!! I could never say a house is too big because me and my many crafts could always fill it up no matter what size! How perfect for gatherings and such! Love your thoughts in reference to spiritual cleansing. Thanks for sharing all of yourself throughout 2008, and all your peeps are surely looking forward to more of you in 2009!! Hugs!

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