Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pretty Scrappy Statement

I just feel compelled to at least address the fact that I am no longer selling at Pretty Scrappy. In fact, no one is. The store has been closed. Due to circumstances unknown to me, there were some unethical things going on there and as soon as I was made aware of them, I removed my things immediately. I also let the fellow designers that I knew, aware of the situation and within an hour the store had closed down. If any of you have purchased things from me and did not get your things, please contact me with a copy of your receipt and I will take care of it. I have worked so hard to build a business and to have some people, for reasons that I can not even comprehend, jeopardize my integrity by being associated with them is deplorable to say the least. So I just wanted to let you, my customers know, and to reassure you that I was in no way, involved nor aware of the things going on in the management of Pretty Scrappy. And that apart from the owner, Julie Frank aka Share Your Moments and store manager, Robyn Grief aka ScrapperGirl Designs the designers there were professional, as far as I am aware of. So many were hurt and left without any place to sell there designs and my heart breaks for them. I do not usually go public with issues regarding other businesses, but this merited at least a comment from me. In the mean time, I will continue to sell at GingerScraps where I am totally confidant that Ginger, is a top notch owner. :)T


LaughingSun said...

Man, this is crazy... I'm still in shock! I feel really sad for all the GOOD designers affected by this!
I just heard about a designer call at Scrapable if you are interested... here is the info:
Hugs!! -Andrea

Erika H. said...

Best of luck to was such a pleasure working along side you at a couple of stores.

Sarah said...

wow! that explains why I can't get on their website. I can't believe it! Thanks for giving this explanation.

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